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Employee Discount Purchase Policy
L.L.Bean encourages its employees to use and enjoy its products and to participate in the activities these products represent. Know before you go... shopping.

The L.L.Bean Employee Purchase Discount Policy covers the Employee Store, Retail Store, Outlet, and phone and web purchases.  The policy is available to all employees under Company Benefits - 9.1 Employee Purchase Discount on the Company Intranet.

Note: Misuse of these benefits can be cause for dismissal.

1.  Stores/Web/Phone/Mail Order Purchases

  • L.L.Bean employees and their spouses have the option to buy merchandise using the employee discount (20%-33 1/3rd%) in our stores, on line, by phone or mail order.
  • Due to federal tax law, domestic partners are not eligible for the company discount.
  • Employees who purchase gift cards or merchandise using the Employee Discount are
    not to be reimbursed by anyone; receipt of partial or full reimbursement for any
    discounted purchase is strictly prohibited.
  • Services, such as repairs, bike/ski shop or shipping, are not discounted. The   
    Employee Discount cannot be combined with other dollar saving promotions.
    Employees receive the promotion or the employee discount, whichever is greater.
  • Employees can use the employee discount two days after the first day of work.

2.  L.L.Bean Gift Card (GC) Purchases

  • Gift cards can be purchased at a discount of 20% to be given as gifts and for merchandise only.
  • Altering the established discount allowed on merchandise is strictly prohibited (e.g., Purchasing and using a discounted GC to purchase merchandise that is not eligible for a discount or is discounted less than 33 1/3rd).
  • Discounted Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.
  • Employees do not receive a discount on Gift Cards purchased in non-L.L.Bean stores.  

3.  Employee Store (E-Store) Purchases (Freeport only)

  • E-Store merchandise is sold “as is” and all sales are final.
  • Year-round employees and their spouses have access to the E-Store.
  • Seasonal employees have access to the E-Store.
  • Spouses of Seasonal employees do not have access to the E-Store.
  • Dependents do not have access to the E-Store.
  • Employees are not allowed to purchase merchandise at the E-Store for the purpose of resale or profit.
  • Employees can use the employee discount two days after the first day of work.

4.  Returns

  • If merchandise purchased with an employee discount is returned, L.L.Bean needs to know that it was purchased using the employee discount even if employment has ended.