Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about applying for a job with L.L.Bean.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a seasonal job?
Seasonal jobs are positions that last for a limited amount of time (typically less than 6 months) in our operational areas in support of peak business needs. Our seasonal employees play a major role in the success of our busiest times of the year.

What if I’m having trouble logging on to your site?
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the employment site and your password will be emailed right away to the email address you provided.
  • If you have problems accessing your profile, please call (toll free) 1-877-255-2326 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How long after I apply for a position can I expect to hear from L.L.Bean?
An email acknowledgement is sent to candidates after they apply for a position. Candidates are encouraged to log onto their profile for status updates on positions for which they've applied. 

What is the best way to apply for a position with L.L.Bean?
The best way to apply for a position is right here on our employment site. If you are interested in a retail store position ouside of Maine, you may also apply directly at one of our stores.

Is there opportunity for career advancement at L.L.Bean?
Yes. We are committed to offering opportunities to our current employees. L.L.Bean employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their professional growth by taking advantage of internal job opportunities and temporary assignments that may be offered.

How can I best prepare for my interview?
  • Learn about the position and L.L.Bean before your interview by reviewing the posted position and by reading about the company at L.L.Bean.com.
  • Identify your own skills, improvement opportunities, interests and goals.
  • Be on time, and have any requested materials with you.
  • During the interview, provide examples that illustrate your skills and competencies.
  • Prepare your own questions so you can learn more about the position and company.

How do I know if a position is still open?
Once a position is filled or no longer available, it will not appear in the job search list.

How do I search for or apply for jobs?
  • Search by "all," "location," keyword," "category" or "radius."
  • Read more about jobs that interest you by clicking on the job title.
  • If you have the skills and qualifications we are seeking, click on “Apply for this Job” at the bottom of the job description.
  • The system will prompt the user to login or create a profile. Complete the requested information, upload or cut and paste your resume as instructed, then click “Submit.”
  • An email acknowledgement will be sent to you after you have applied.

Where are L.L.Bean’s Corporate Headquarters?
Our corporate headquarters are located in Freeport, Maine, a scenic coastal town approximately 20 miles north of Portland.

What do I do if I change my mind and decide I don’t want to be considered for a job to which I’ve applied?
  • Login to your profile.
  • Review your 'Job Submittal History.'
  • Click on the job title of the position from which you wish to remove yourself. A job description for the position will appear.
    At the bottom of the page the following statement appears:
    "If you no longer wish to be considered for this job click here."
  • Click on the 'click here' link, and your application will be retracted.

Please note that once you retract your application from a job, you will not be able to reapply for that position.

Contact Us and Directions
If you have questions about our application process, your interview, or your start date, please visit our contact page.

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